It will take you places you never expected

sunset in Tenerife
That camera served me well but mirrorless is the way

If you’re new to this photography lark, you’ll see soon enough how it takes you places. But you know the best thing? Every shot you take becomes a memory and when you look at it again a year from now, five years, ten years, it will transport you back in time to the moment you pressed the shutter and all that you went through to get it. Pure magic.

When you’ve been going awhile, when you know all the tricks, you understand that the real skill comes in finding a unique twist on something familiar. How many shots of the Houses of Parliament have you seen framed by the arch on the opposite side of the Thames? And how many times have you seen the Eiffel Tower lit up at night? Making your shot different to anyone else’s, well, that’s where the skill really lies. Any bugger can stand where you’re standing and press the shutter. How many think to take a tripod with them and hunt around finding the perfect angle, time of day or weather conditions?

Showing Westminster Palace slightly differently
A different take on a familiar scene

The aim of these blogs is to give you a helping hand, show you some of the tricks, how to get the best out of a lens or a filter. And along the way I hope to inspire you with ideas for how you can develop those techniques further. The ideas are where the real skill lies, that’s how brilliant shots are made. So come on, come with me and let’s make some brilliant shots together…



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