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I’m a freelance editor who has been working in print and online media for over 25 years. Employed by top companies such as Future Publishing, Redwood, River and Dennis, I’ve been privileged to be able to edit and launch magazines in a wide range of markets from consumer technology and internet design to travel and lifestyle.


The Post
The Post, a magazine for 50-somethings

I have launched (and relaunched) newsstand publications, customer magazines and websites and been involved in conceptual projects aimed at winning new business.

Recent projects include Passport, an inflight magazine for Monarch Airlines and The Post, a print mag offering intelligent editorial for 50-something readers.

Prior to this, I’ve edited magazines for Virgin Holidays, Virgin Trains, Sega and Co-Op Travel, while on the newsstand I relaunched gadget mag, T3, and headed up Future’s technology portfolio.


Passport magazine, for Monarch Airlines Editor: Mark Higham

I’m frequently involved in new business pitches, coming up with the editorial proposal and pitching creative concepts to the client. I’ve found I’m particularly skilled at coming up with innovating ideas that build communities around a brand, increasing points of contact between clients and their customers.

In the past I’ve pitched editorial ideas to the likes of Sony, Thomas Cook and Yell. Virgin Holidays’ Rock & Roam and Monarch’s Passport are examples of travel magazines where I pitched the concept to the client, won the business then went on to launch and edit the titles on an ongoing basis.


Writing example - Munich subway
The Munich subway and the art most people never even notice. Words by Mark Higham

A lengthy career i

n journalism has seen me writing for all sorts of print and online publications.

These days, technology and travel are my big passions and my words have appeared in print for Virgin Holidays, Monarch, Co-Op and others. This feature on the artistic merits of the Munich subway show how I delight in finding a unique twist on the everyday. I’ve also written over 50 travel-related stories to support Staysure’s web presence and have written about technology for The Independent.




As well as these editorial skills, I’m a keen photographer. This means I not only have a good eye for what makes a striking cover, I can also shoot original and exclusive imagery for features.

Having launched both Computer Arts and Advanced Photoshop magazines onto UK newsstands, I’m fairly skilled at photo-retouching, too. Examples of my photography are all over this site.

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