Photography is my passion but I’m also a trained journalist with experience launching websites and magazines across the travel and technology sectors.


A Bit About Me

My career started out in magazines where I launched many newsstand magazines including Computer Arts and Advanced Photoshop. I also relaunched PC Format and T3. My love of tech, photography and all things creative came together when digital cameras took off and I’ve been shooting digital images as a hobby since about 1996.

With a career move into customer magazines, I used my travel knowledge to launch titles for Virgin Trains, Virgin Holidays and Monarch Airlines’ inflight magazine. My camera and I have been fortunate to travel far and wide, from the jungles of Thailand to the rainforests of Australia. Over time I began honing my photography skills, taking on professional work where I could get it and selling my shots through Alamy.


For years now I’ve been photographing London and made a conscious decision to move more into thinking of photography as art. It has freed me up to turn shots of London’s iconic buildings into something a bit special. If you wouldn’t hang it on the wall, my view is, what’s the point? And then I thought maybe other people might like to hang them on their walls too, and that might help me through this coronavirus mess we’re in because travel journalism certainly won’t. Let me know what you think.


Follow Me

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Jessops blog
Weekly blogs for Jessops on photography techniques
Blogger and content curator for Jessops, writing their weekly blogs and social media output. The blogs covered a range of photography topics – from hardware timed to coincide with product launches, to tips and tricks enabling customers to get more from their cameras. This account was recently taken in-house. I also write about technology and travel, I’ve launched and edited magazines for Virgin Holidays, Monarch and Virgin Trains and along the way have found time to write over 50 travel-related blogs for Staysure Insurance. Prior to my contract publishing work, I was launch Editor of Computer Arts and Advanced Photoshop and relaunched gadget mag, T3 among others.






My photos have been used on magazine and book covers, in the UK and worldwide, and my work is on sale here and through Alamy. I own a Nikon Z7 and Nikon D810. Although I mostly specialise in city and architecture photography, I have a home studio (and a few high speed/high output flashes) so have shot everything from simple product photography to ambitious portraits. Skilled in Lightroom and PhotoShop, I’m also able to retouch images and even create minor miracles. See more of my work here.





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